ISRO to carry 104 satellites into orbit in a single go: Highest by any country

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This is a great achievement by India and the entire nation is proud of ISRO. ISRO will carry a total of 104 satellites in to space and it is a big breakthrough in Space research organizations. After this feat India will enter the record books for carrying a huge number satellites into space. The previous best was 37 satellites by Russian Space launch vehicle. No other countries including US, Russia, China, Japan and European countries have achieved this milestone.

This is a big milestone set by ISRO by carrying 104 satellites out of which 101 satellites from five different countries like United States, Switzerland, Israel, Kazakhstan and Netherlands. Only three satellites from India will be included. Mission director Jayakumar said that this mission is different from all the previous missions carried by ISRO earlier. The entire 104 satellites will be carried by PSLV rocket from Satish Dhawan Space center at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

Jayakumar also said that this mission is created to utilize the extra capacity of PSLV rocket and not to set any kind of records. The PSLV rocket will carry a payload of 1,360 kilograms of entire satellites. Among 104 satellites the three Indian satellites will have a heavy payload when compared to other satellites of different countries. 81 satellites will be separated in a radial direction with different angles. Another 20 satellites will be released after in a separate sequence.

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The three Indian satellites will be axially along with the vehicle. This will improve the position and reliability of ISRO in the world and ISRO is also the first Asian country to reach out Mars. Earlier ISRO has already taken 20 satellites into orbit which was third best till now following Nasa’s record of 29 satellites and Russian’s record of 37 satellites. But now after all odds by breaking all expectations India is going to carry 104 satellites. The PSLV rocket will fly into space in February 15, 2017. This mission will cut down the costs of space research organizations and also will generate a great revenue for ISRO.

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