Israel to dip US as India’s largest arms supplier: $2billion contracts

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From many years, United States has been the major arms supplier to India but now Israel has replaced United States and became largest supplier of arms to India. We all know that India is the world’s largest arms importer and every year India spends millions and billions for importing arms from US and other countries like France. Now Israel has become India’s costlier partner as India made deals with Israel worth $2 billion.

Israel will supply advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems to Indian army and navy at coasts. Israel Aerospace Industries have announced that it has made great contracts with India and all the contracts together bring $2 bilion which is almost Rs 13, 000 crore.

Israel to dip US as India’s largest arms supplier

In all the contracts, there was one major contract which alone costs $1.6 billion. Israel stated that this contract was the major and largest ever in the history of Israel’s defense industries. Israel will supply surface to air missiles to India. Along with medium range surface to air missiles (MR-SAM), Israel will also supply Long Range surface to air missiles (LR-SAM).

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Till now US has been the major arms supplier to India but in 2016-17 year it’s Israel who is the largest arms importer to India. However after the completion of the contracts, Indian army will strengthen its army and navy power. This might be bit frightening to Indian enemies like Pakistan and China. Till now US and Russia were major arms supplier to India, however India is doing business with Israel from past but these contracts in 2016-2017 iare the largest ever.

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