Irom Sharmila marriage with Britisher, wedding photos

irom sharmila marriage with Britisher

Manipur iron woman Irom Sharmila has married her boyfriend Desmund Coutinho. Irom Sharmila has protested over 15 long years with hunger strike against Manipur’s soldiers policies. In last elections, Irom Sharmila has stopped protest and competed in elections but unfortunately she didn’t even got deposits. Irom Sharmila and Desmund Coutinho met in the year 2011 for the first time.

The duo were in relationship and finally got married. Irom Sharmila marriage with Britisher happened in Kodaikanal in a sub-registrar office. Irom Sharmila marriage with Desmund had been delayed as their marriage was a inter-religion marriage but finally they got acceptance from Kodaikanal sub-registrar office. Irom Sharmila mother gave her blessings via telephone as her health condition was not good.

No guests were invited for the marriage except a camera man there was no other person in their marriage event. However, the couple are planning for a small party in the presence of few guests. Let us wish and hope that Irom Sharmila lives happily her rest of life with her partner.

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