disadvantages of watching porn

Watching Porn videos might get you into trouble, How

According to recent surveys, the number of viewers watching porn sites in the smartphone has increased rapidly over the day ...
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WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp Group Admins can be Jailed, How and Why?

Smartphone usage in India is growing rapidly like never before and almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp. We all know ...
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Rajinikanth vs jayalalitha

The Day Rajinikanth Trolled Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha

Ever wondered what happens if you irk a superstar with your political power? It is like trying to put off ...
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modi book

Relation between Modi’s Govt. and a Book released in 2014

As there is a relation to what questions a teacher makes students to revise before exams and those that appear ...
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yogi adityanath life

UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s Rebellious Political Career: Unknown secrets

Talk of the country, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is a hardline RSS leader who rose to fame with ...
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internet safe transactions

Countries with most Online Security Breaches: India at 4th

Along with generations even the technology is also changing in a fast pace. People across the globe are using internet ...
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water tunnel

Under water Tunnel for Metro Train beneath Hooghly river in Kolkata

First of its kind, a huge tunnel from Howrah to Kolkata is being planned by Metro authorities. This is for ...
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romantic wallpapers hd

A Couple came to know that they were twins after four year relationship

Whoa! This story from Mississippi is just like a movie story. A couple who were in relationship for certain period ...
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ola cabs

Ola charged Rs 149 crore for Mumbaikar on single ride

On April 1st, Mumbaikar faced a bizarre situation when he was charged whopping Rs 149 crore for a single Ola ...
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Nature’s wonder

The Hidden beaches in Marieta islands, Mexico: Nature’s wonder

Don’t be jealous of the Mexicans for their astonishingly romantic beach with a sandy cavern. It is an hour journey ...
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Elope love plan of chiko and Chikita Chimpanzees busted in Vizag Zoo

Last Friday, in a rather strange but sad turn around, the escape plan of the Chikita(Female) and chiko(Male) Chimpanzees from ...
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guinness record

Most burgers eaten in 1 minute by Rix Francisco, sets Guinness record

How many hamburgers you can eat in one minute? It’s difficult to eat even a single hamburger in 60 seconds ...
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apple new features

Apple’s Siri helped four year kid to save his mother’s life

We all know how intelligent and powerful Apple’s siri is! Siri is a voice based virtual assistant which can function ...
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How many people in India watch YouTube in mobile phones? Latest report

YouTube is one of the largest video streaming channels. YouTube has millions of videos and billions of people across the ...
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Top 10 richest persons

Forbes list of Top 10 richest persons in world: where does Donald trump stand

Forbes list of Billionaires around the world has been revealed. Without any hesitation even this time Bill Gates has topped ...
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Pakistani girls

Pakistanis are happier than Indians: World happiness report

This may be quite interesting and weird too but you have to believe this. A survey stated that Pakistanis are ...
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powerful Flashlight

Gladiator Flashlight is the world’s powerful flashlight: Why is govt banning it

Generally normal flashlights just gives a flash of light but this tactical flashlight is way too powerful and is going ...
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nasa news

NASA to take humans to Mars by 2033: US government orders

By the end of 2033 humans may explore the red planet, Mars. US government has ordered NASA that they have ...
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potatoes farming

Potatoes can be grown on Mars; study reveals chances for cultivation on Mars

Well the scientists are improving their results of living conditions on Mars and they are finding more similar conditions of ...
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porn vieos on road

A giant electronic Billboard is hacked to show Xvideos

This Billboard became the center of attraction for the Mexican motorists as a giant electronic Billboard has been hacked by ...
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9 facts you didn’t know about India: Incredible India

India is a developing country and one of the strongest countries in the world. India stands at fifth place in ...
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Elephants group

Elephants sleep only 2 hours per day: Check out why and how

Who would sleep just few hours in a day and I didn’t mean 5-6 hours! I mean just 2 hours ...
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Why do we close eyes when we sneeze

We usually close eyes when we sneeze but it happen all of a sudden and we can’t even control it ...
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Male teacher is kidnapped, drugged and raped by four women: Sperm bandits

A male teacher in Zimbabwe has been kidnapped on a street while he was asking for a lift. The male ...
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Fourth new planet

Alien life expected in fourth planet in Trappist-1

Scientists are getting closer to the evidence of alien existence on other planets. Till now only earth has living organisms ...
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Nasa on sun

NASA space shuttle to reach sun: Great achievement for humans

Till now countries have reached Moon and mars but now NASA is planning to reach the burning sun. This is ...
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china men

30 million men in China may end up as singles by 2030

By 2030, China may become the country with highest number of bachelors in the world. This is really terrible news ...
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Olive Ridley turtles in India lay 3.55 lakh eggs in just one week

At last some good news! No need to worry about the extinction of the rare olive Ridley turtles as the ...
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Cross section of the varying layers of the earth

Why does earth core doesn’t burn when it is hotter just like sun

Ever wonder why earth core is hotter like sun and it won’t affect us! We all know that the inner ...
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Rohina Kiyani

Pakistan thanked India for reuniting mother and child

In a humanitarian aspect both the rivals India and Pakistan cooperated with each other. Pakistan government thanked Indian authority for ...
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planet, Mars

Volcanoes on red planet, Mars: Scientists have proof and here it is

There are many volcanoes on our planet, Earth. But did you know that there are active volcanoes on the red ...
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The Mauritius Island

The “lost continent” found under the Indian Ocean: The Mauritius Island

In our schooling we have studied that there were only seven continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica ...
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weird and crazy things

10 rare photos which you might never imagined and had no idea that they existed

The world is not a small street; it has got plenty of weird and crazy things. There are many images ...
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100 million insect

A rare discovery of an insect which lived 100 million years ago: This is not just an “insect”

A very rare discovery was made by scientists; they have found an insect which lived 100 million years ago. This ...
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Millionaire in china

Millionaire in china ordered 30 Rolls-Royce phantoms: sets a new record

Ever seen a Rolls-Royce with 30 phantoms together!! Well you can visit the Macau in china. Normal people who can’t ...
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government banned burqas

The country which banned burqa for security reasons

Burqa is worn by Muslim women as a tradition to cover themselves in public. The Islamic garment is being used ...
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asteroid passed by earth

Whoa! An asteroid passed by earth close enough than moon

A huge massacre has missed as a mini asteroid passed by earth. An asteroid of a size of 10 floor ...
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reveals your life expectancy

A blood test which reveals your life expectancy

There are many things which we don’t know on this planet and in one of the things which we don’t ...
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cow dung

You will get shocked after knowing what Amazon is selling in online

Amazon is an American origin electronic commerce (E-commerce) store and has emerged as one of the top online retail giants ...
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bridge beipanjiang bridge

The world’s highest bridge beipanjiang bridge opened on 29th December, 2016

The world’s highest bridge has successfully completed its construction and was opened on 29th December, 2016. Beipanjiang bridge in china ...
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Amber color indicators

Why do vehicle indictors blink in orange color

Every vehicle has indicator bulbs for indicating side change of the vehicle. These indicators are used to reduce the collision ...
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The new cow -space advertising

Yes, now you can sell space on your cow’s .A Swiss business man launched this cow space advertising company. The ...
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Do the king of pop Michael Jackson don’t like pop music

Yes, the king of pop Michael Jackson doesn’t like pop music. We know you don’t agree...so here is the proof ...
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The surprising wedding card, you should know about

Many of us show interest to give a beautiful wedding card to our friends and family members. In market we ...
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Do you know the real meaning of “HELLO” when we make a call

When we make a call or lift a call the first thing we say is “hello”. But do you know ...
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Astrounots vote from space for US President elections

All voters are equal and there is nothing important about a particular voter. But this voter is special from other ...
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Have you ever heard of Forehead Advertising???

Every business needs advertising to generate leads and run successfully with profits. Advertising is done to create brand awareness and ...
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Do you think Indian employees flirts more, well you are totally wrong…

In every office we see employees flirt with their co-employees; we usually think that the Indian employees flirt more. But ...
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Do you know that bacteria can communicate with each other

Strange but true!!!! The scientists have found out that bacteria can talk or transfer information to one another. They even ...
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Do you know that there is a plant that goes in search of water

Every living organism in this world needs water to survive, be it a human or an animal or birds and ...
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