International Solar Alliance by Union Cabinet

 Solar Alliance

Finally the Government of Narendra Modi has given green signal for International solar Alliance. The ratification of solar energy with International Solar Alliance is launched in 21stConference of Parties on United Nations for Convention on Climate Change.

The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal made by Ministry of Renewable Energy. India will work with other nations to improve and make advanced solar panels for renewable energy.

India is far behind when compared with other countries in using renewable energy. This International Solar Alliance will bring forth 123 countries for the development of solar usage.

nternational Solar Alliance

In the recent periods, many countries have concentrated on use of renewable energy and are making many improvements and research on solar energy. The usage of solar panels has been increased when compared to past years. Countries with low power capacities should develop and implement the solar panels for using renewable energy.

Till now 28 nations have agreed to sign the International Solar alliance. The alliance main mission is to improve the usage of renewable energy in all the countries by cooperating with each other in terms of research and innovations.

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