Intel to buy Mobileye for $15 billion: Checkout more details


The world’s largest chip company Intel is getting ready for a massive acquisition of Mobileye. The United States chip giant is paying around $14 billion – $15 billion for acquiring Mobileye. The discussions of this acquiring process have already started and few other agreements should be done. Mobileye is one of the world’s leading technology company which offers safety systems applied in cars.

With the help of Mobileye, many people survived the accidents as Mobileye’s collision-avoidance car sensor systems will avoid any collisions which are about to happen while driving a car.  The Israel tech giant is now a part of Intel, the largest chip manufacturer in the world. However the two companies have already tied up and are working with BMW for an exclusive project.

These three companies are working together on self-driving car technology and will soon produce few units of driver less vehicles. In the year 2016, BMW partnered with Mobileye and Intel for this prestigious project which would be completed by 2021. BMW would soon release autonomous vehicles in the automobile market. Mobileye was started in the year 1999 to make vehicle driving safer.

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Mobileye services are being used by many automobile companies for the advance safety measures of the customers. Goldman Sachs has invested a whopping $130 million in Mobileye just before 10 years. However there is no official press meet or announcement from Intel or from Mobileye. The two companies may soon reveal more details of the acquisition. Stay tuned to for more updates on Intel and Mobileye business.

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