Infosys to lay off 1000 senior employees, shifts to US

Infosys jobs

This is really a nightmare for Indian employees and the recent actions of top Indian IT companies are creating panic in the Indian IT employees. After top companies like Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Value labs and few other companies removed their employees now its time for Infosys to join the list. Infosys which earlier stated that it would hire 10,000 US employees in United States has now decided to lay off 1000 senior and mid-level employees in India.

If the same happens with all the IT companies then it will create a jeopardy in the country. The main reason behind companied laying off their employees is due to the US president Donald Trump new rules. Automation is also playing a key role in removal of IT employees. This is now frightening the IT employees and the experts are suggesting them to be ready!

The IT employees should be ready for everything and they should have some alternatives too. Many IT employees aren’t aware of many technologies and they must grow their knowledge too. Wipro has asked around 600 employees to leave and cognizant laid off around 7000 employees.

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Experts are now stating that many jobs will be cut down in the coming future and automation will replace thousands of jobs. However, in India this issue is terrible and it will surely affect Modi’s government. Indian government should take some proactive steps.

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