Indians get more than 50% H1-B visas: India tops the list

H1-B visa

In the current massacre of H1-B visas, a research organization in US has revealed some shocking facts. It has announced some unbelievable shocking facts about H1-B visa approvals. The American Research organization, Pew Research center has released the complete statistics from 2001 to 2015 on H1-B visa approvals. These results shocked everyone and it shows how important H1-B visa for Indians.

According Pew results, Indians has lion share in the H1-B visa approvals as India topped the list with majority visa approvals. From past 2001 to 2015, United States has approved 50.5% work petitions of India and that’s 892,914. After India, it’s China which stood at second place but there’s a humungous gap between India and China. As China’s total share in H1-B visa approvals is just 9.7% which is 171,577 in numbers.

Canada, Philippines and South Korea occupied the third, fourth and fifth positions respectively. Canada has 3.8% share with 66,562 people and Philippines has 3% share with 53,303 people. South Korea has got just 2.8% with 49,302 people. Remaining countries share even less share than these countries but however these stats were quite astonishing.

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This data shows that India has the highest ever H1-B visa approval and thanks to IT industry which played a key role. According to other data segments, California (17.7%), New York (7.2%), New Jersey (14%) and Texas (12.2%) States approved majority H1-B visas.

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