Indians can visit East Russia without Visa: Why and how

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This is really great news from Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He declared that Indians and few other country nationals can visit Russia’s Far East for tourism and business purposes without having any visas. This action improves the tourism in far east Russia. Prime Minister of Russia has passed a bill of certain nationals to enter Far East Russia without visa.

People from India, China, UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Oman, North Korea, Kuwait, Qatar and Algeria are allowed to Russia’s far east without visa permission. Only these countries nationals have the permit to visit far east Russia without any visa.

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The Prime Minister said “we have allowed certain country people to Russian far east without having visa to Russia. The traditional and mandatory visa procedures will not affect these tourists to far east Russia. This will improve the tourism in far east”.

All the foreigners from the above mentioned countries have to submit their data in a specific Russian website instead going through visa procedure. In case if the Russian officials questioned any foreigner in far east Russia then they have to show their passports which is quite enough.

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Russia is developing infrastructure and special regimes in far east for developing the far east region of Russia. Tourists and businessman can visit Vladivostok free port without undergoing any visa procedure. The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also said “we have not considered this list of countries because they are far or nearer to us but because they are ready for visa-free visit to Russia”.

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