Indian troops brawl China’s incursion attempt in Ladakh; Reports

Indian troops brawl China's incursion attempt in Ladakh

Indian troops brawl China’s incursion attempt in Ladakh which has increased border tensions even further on the occasion of Independence day. There were few minor injuries to soldiers of both the sides after some stone-pelting. According to official sources,¬†Soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) tried to trespass Indian border.

The Indian troops were alert all the time and restricted the Chinese soldiers from entering into Indian border in two areas: Finger Four and Finger Five. The soldiers of People’s Liberation Army attempted twice to cross the border around 6 am and 9 am but¬†Indian troops brawl China’s incursion attempt in Ladakh.

The Indian troops has formed a human chain to stop the Chinese soldiers from crossing the border. The Chinese troops then started stone-pelting and in the brawl between Indian troops and Chinese troops the soldiers had some minor injuries of both the sides.

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