Indian hacker finds a loophole in Uber app and got free rides for entire life

uber app

This sounds way too ridiculous and crazy as the cab service app Uber has a huge loophole in the app. This has shocked the Uber as the loophole is brought to their attention. Uber runs cabs in many countries and is one of the top cab service app in the world. But it seems like it has got some security issues as the Indian hacker hacked the app and gets free cab rides for lifetime.

The IT employee in India has found out a brilliant way in getting free taxi rides and the best part is he can get free cabs anywhere in the world. Anand Prakash works as a product security engineer and he also runs a blog based on web application security. He stated that ‘it is not that difficult to get free rides in Uber, all you need to do is exploiting a bug in the app and then overwrite the app and can get free cabs from Uber at anyplace in the world’.

uber ride

Anand have found this loophole when he was testing the Uber app for any security loopholes and he finally succeeded to find a loophole in the payment method. The hackers will misuse this security loophole of Uber in getting unlimited free rides if the error was not solved by Uber. They can use this loophole and can book free rides from their Uber account or they can also give free rides to friends and relatives and can take commission from them.

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Prakash made it happen when he can use an invalid payment method while paying the taxi fare at drop location. However the issue was taken to Uber team and they have fixed the issue. This is really a big blow to Uber as at least now it has opened it’s eyes and solved the issue or else it would have seen massive disasters.

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