Indian girl Srishti Kaur bags Miss Teen Universe 2017: Pics

Miss Teen Universe photos

Srishti kaur has been crowned as Miss Teen Universe for the year 2017. Srishti Kaur is an Indian girl from Noida and competed against 25 other pageants from other parts of the world. After tremendous performance in the Miss Teen Universe 2017, Srishti Kaur has won the crown. The Miss Teen Universe was held at United States for the year 2017.

Along with Srishti Kaur, two other pageants made it to top three. The other two pageants were Samantha Pierre from Canada and Ary Trava from Mexico. But at last Srishti Kaur has won the Miss Universe Teen 2017. Along with Miss Teen Universe, Srishti Kaur also won the best national costume as she wore a beautiful dress with a design of Indian national bird peacock.

Srishti Kaur

Srishti Kaur earlier studied in lotus valley International of Noida and she is currently studying fashion design course in London school of fashion. Earlier this year, Srishti Kaur also won the Miss Teen Tiara International. Miss teen Universe competition is also similar to Miss Universe competitions. But the Miss Teen Universe program was commenced just 6 years ago by the same Miss Universe organizers.

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The Miss Teen Universe competition is entirely for teenage girls who were aged between 15 to 19 years. Girls less than 15 years or more than 19 years are not allowed to compete.

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