Why is Indian Army using outdated Ak 47 guns?

Indian soldiers guns

Indian army is one of the most powerful countries in the world with massive defense power. Indian army is the biggest arms importer in the world. India has got two countries to watch out for, on one hand India has Pakistan and on another hand it has got China who are always ready to attack India.

In the recent times, India and China borders have been heated up from both the sides and China also deployed submarines in Indian ocean region. However, Why is Indian Army using outdated Ak 47 guns? The guns were designed back in 1988 and Indian army is still using the outdated assault rifles.

There are many aspects which Indian army should update as soon as possible. Starting from assault rifles to body armor. You might have seen many photos of Indian soldiers battling with low body armor. The soldiers who are keeping their lives at stake and fighting for the country should get best in everything that helps them to fight against enemies and also to get protected from enemies.

Indian army guns in battles

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