India added 269 million Internet users from 2014-2016: More interesting facts

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You might probably know that India is the world’s second highest population country. There is no doubt that India is a fast pace developing country and the number of internet users can prove this. In just two years, over 269 million users who were using internet have been added in India. The Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) has done a study on the number of internet users in India.

After the study, Adobe has found something far more interesting which they have never imagined. In the past two years, the world has seen 500 million internet users out of which 269 million users are from India alone. This makes half of the internet users around the world in just a single country, India. This is because India has witnessed the rapid growth of smartphones and new internet users.

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After the reach of smartphone for many people it increased the use of internet services. This study was carried out by Adobe by analyzing 1.6 trillion visits to more than 17,000 websites from all over the world. While India stood in first place in getting new internet users, China and Indonesia stood at second and third positions respectively. China has added 97.6 million internet users while Indonesia added 15.9 million users in the past two years.

According to the Adobe reports, the smartphones traffic to the websites has been increased by 290% while the desktop traffic was 6% lower. The people who use internet over tablets are very few. Not only the websites but even in the app installations also India bagged the first place. In Indiathe app installations have been increased rapidly since 2014 as it has seen 49% increases.

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The top countries like United States and United Kingdom have seen a rapid downfall at the same time as 9% from US and 39% from UK has been lowered in the new app installations. India has seen rapid growth in the internet users due to the availability of abundant smartphones and many people are using smartphones to surf the web. This shows the step to digitalization in India and according to a report India would have millions of smartphones by the end of 2018.

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