How to increase your memory power

tips to increase your memory

Many of us forget many things at certain times and some people have low memory power. Lack of memory power causes many troubles at important times. During an event or exams due to stress and tension we forget important things. So it’s always better and in fact very important to have a good memory power. Some people use certain artificial foods and tablets to increase memory power but it leads to several side effects which are very harmful.

Here are some of the simple ways of increasing your memory power in a natural way…

TIP #1


tips to increase your memory

Almond has many health benefits. Eat almonds everyday morning by soaking few almonds in water on before night. Next day morning peel of the skin and eat almonds with an empty stomach. Almonds will increase blood flow to brain and also helps in protecting brain from diseases. Almonds also make you strong and healthy.

Tip #2


tips to increase your memory

“An Apple a day keeps doctor away”. Apple is a healthy fruit and it keeps many diseases away and helps you to stay healthy. Apple is also helpful to increase your memory power. Apple is powerful food for brain and keeps your brain alert and healthy.


TIP #3


tips to increase your memory

Blueberries are one of the sweetest fruits and also a healthy one. Blueberries will help you to improvise your learning abilities and develop your skills. Blueberries will increase the learning pace. You can learn anything faster than before by having blueberries.

TIP #4

Dark Chocolate

tips to increase your memory

Dark Chocolate will prevent excessive oxidation in the brain. It has many other benefits also. Dark chocolate has nutrients and it is very rich in providing anti-oxidants. Dark chocolate will improvise blood flow in the body and also reduces Blood pressure.


TIP #5

Avocados and Eggs

Tips to increase your memory

Avocados and eggs will boost your memory power and also health. Avocados will help you to remember all the details of daily routine. Eggs have rich calcium levels and daily consume an egg which is very good for your health. Make sure that your meal has an egg and eggs will increase your memory power.

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