Increase your IQ levels with these smart tips

tips to increase IQ

Who doesn’t want to be intelligent! We all want to be smart and think much better than others. The one who answers all the tricky and confusing questions in your class will get more attention. If you want to impress your boss with some smart answers you must be smart enough. Einstein is no alien or god but instead he has more IQ levels than us and that’s the only difference from Einstein and us.

But for few people IQ levels will be good from their birth like Einstein but for others who aren’t like him can develop IQ levels in smart ways. If you want to crack some entrance exams then you need a good IQ and even if you want to impress your crush you need a good talent not only in flirting but also in IQ. Now why would anyone likes a dumb person? So be smart and intelligent with these smart ways.


Tips to increase IQ levels

Chess is an ancient game evolved from Indian origin. In a survey the chess players have high level of IQ then the people who doesn’t play chess. In chess you have to be alert for every step you make and you should play with lot of strategies and thinking. Try to play chess with tuff competitors instead of playing with rookies. Chess game is also related directly to your life a bit because even in our life we have to make strategic moves.

Live a challenge

Increase your IQ levels with these smart tips

Be strong and always accept a challenge in your life and this is how you stay active. You can increase your IQ levels by accepting new tasks and challenges. Always strive to learn many new things which you don’t know yet. Learn something new and try something new. Read interesting books and develop new skills. If you are doing  job then don’t just sit on your desk, speak with your co-employees and learn new things from their job.  Diversify your knowledge and skills.

Play strategic games

Increase your IQ levels with these smart tips

Are you playing any strategic games in your smartphone or in your PC? If yes then you are doing great! In case if you are not playing any strategic games, then you better start playing some. There are many strategic games available in play stores. Playing strategic games will improve your IQ levels and makes you to think to a great extent.

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Increase your IQ levels with these smart tips

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Sudoku is like a brain workout. Sudoku needs lot of thinking and it’s a kind of exercise for your brain. There are Sudoku games available even in online. Sudoku is a great brain exercise and just like your body,  even your brain needs some workouts and you can get it by playing Sudoku.

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