How to increase height in just 30 days

increase your height naturally

Everyone wants a good looking body with a proper height. Some people get a good height based on their family genes. So if you are short then you must have got your fore fathers height. You may face problems due to average height, like not getting selected for police/army jobs; lack of dynamic personality will even reduce your confidence.

It is also said that girls like people with good height more attractive than that of people with average height. But don’t worry I have got you some tricks to increase your height in just 30 days. And that’s not easy because increasing height needs lot of hard work.

Here are some of the best tricks to increase your height naturally within 30 days….

increase height naturally

Doing exercises is the first thing which you can do for increasing your height. Doing workouts daily will boost up your body and will make all parts in your body active.  Play sports like basketball and any other sports which will make you active. Swimming would be an added advantage. Doing this will increase your height by 2-3 inches.

Play sports:

increase height naturally

You can play any kind of sport but make sure that your body gets sweat and the physical movement should be more. Outdoor sports are better than Indoor games if you want to increase your height.

Stretch Ups:

increase your height naturally

Stretch your body to get an amazing height. By stretching your body, the muscles get stretched up and will increase your height. Do pull Ups for better results and leg rises. By doing these stretch Ups, if you have an belly then you can even reduce your belly fat.

A Good Posture:

increase height naturally

Do you know that even if you sit in a good posture, you can increase your height? Yes, Sitting in a good posture will increase your height as it makes the spine to be straight. Keep your neck, shoulders and back straight whenever you sit, stand or walk.


drinking water benfits

Drink plenty of water daily, drinking water throughout the day will help you to digest your food. Make sure that you drink at least 7 glasses of water in a day. This will boost up your metabolism which increases your height.

Foods to be taken:

increase height naturally

If you want to increase your height in a short span then you should start eating foods with rich calcium levels. These foods have rich calcium levels and strengthen your bones. Make sure that your breakfast has a boiled egg and a glass of milk.

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*Height will not be increased in a day or a week. It takes some time to get increased.

*Follow the above mentioned tips daily to increase your height eventually.

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