Ilayaraja sends legal notice to SP Balasubrahmanyam: Why?

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The Veteran musician Ilayaraja has slapped SP Balasubramanyam with a legal notice. SP Balasubramanyam is one of the great musicians in the Telugu film industry. Ilayaraja was once a famous singer who has sung many beautiful and super hit songs. Ilayaraja and SP Balasubramanyam have sung in few events and they had a close relationship earlier. But it looks like things have changed and they have gone far extent till sending a legal notice.

Why did Ilayaraja send legal notice to SP Balasubramanyam? Well coming to the point, Ilayaraja has sent a legal notice to SP Balasubramanyam for singing Ilayaraja’s songs on stage without his concern or permission. This comes under copyright of Ilayaraja songs. On this aspect Ilayaraja’s team has sent a legal notice to SP Balasubramanyam. SP has used many of Ilayaraja’s songs in his concerts without permission from Ilayaraja.

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SP Balasubramanyam is currently performing in a concert at United States. He officially stated that he has received lega notice from Ilayaraja and he said that he won’t sing Ilayaraja’s songs in the concert and will sing other music composers songs in the concert. SP Balasubramanyam was shocked by knowing the news of legal notice from Ilayaraja.

SP Balasubramanyam stated that he would face this issue legally in the court. When few people suggested SP to compromise on the aspect privately with Ilayaraja, he said “I was not concerned on the issue instead Ilayaraja sent legal notice without any prior information. So I will also respond legally just like they have done”. I too have self-respect, added by SP.

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However this is not the first time this has happened. Back in 2014, Ilayaraja sent legal notice to few music companies claiming that his songs were copied by them and are being sold without his permission. At that time Ilayaraja filed cases in Madras High court on all the five music companies.


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