IBM’s Watson powered Robot ‘Chintu’ can do pretty awesome things


Do you remember ‘Chitti’ from Robo film of Rajinikanth? Well, something similar to it a new Robot ‘Chintu’ can do all your works easily and can assist you in an extraordinary way. IBM and Pune’s MIT institute partnered to develop this new Watson based robot called ‘Chintu’. This is perfectly an assistant and is much useful for senior citizens to get their work done. Senior Citizens cannot do all the works and someone should help them in doing their daily tasks and ‘Chintu’ can do it for them.

The MIT institute students developed this amazing robot by using IBM Watson API which is powered by Bluemix. This can assist on solving everyday problems and makes you relaxed and of course saves your time in a great way. One of the students from MIT stated that “Watson can solve all the problems which are being faced by people in the present world and it is pretty easy to use this robot”.

IBM’s Watson powered Robot

Robotics and cognitive computing are improving on a fast pace and the industry is exploring many new things which will help the researchers in getting more answers to their questions and can change the world in near future. University Relations leader at IBM, Dallas stated “It is pretty awesome what the students have created and many bright and intelligent students can do much more with the help of tech giants like IBM”.

“India’s next generation students are having a good caliber in achieving many more things in the future. All we need to do is giving freedom to students to think on their own and we need provide what they need’, added by Dallas Mezjan. Chintu is a quite amazing robot and can perform all the basic works for an old man/woman.

IBM’s robot

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‘Chintu’ can make you remember any tasks for the next day, it can sing a song or dance for you in case if you are feeling bored. It can also read newspapers or any other book/magazine for you. In case if you are in any medications then it can remind you to take your daily medicines.

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