IBM to lay off 5000 employees, axe on IT employees

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Well, that’s terrible news for the Indian IT employees. The major IT companies sacking of employees is still going on and it is increasing day by day. IT giant IBM too joined the list and it’s frightening! IBM decided to layoff around 5000 employees in India. IBM is currently having around 1,50,000 employees in just India. With this new decision of IBM, all together 30,000 IT employees jobs are at stake.

Earlier Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, value labs and few other companies removed extra work force. Automation and Trump’s new rules are playing key role in the removal of IT employees. Experts are warning to all the IT employees that they should be aware of other technologies too. Only their knowledge on other technology could save from this jeopardy.

Automation process

One of the IBM spokesperson said “we have already started the process and the managers were asked to find the under performers who are becoming extra load for the company”. However, IBM has not yet announced the exact number of layoffs but it was known that it is planning to remove around 5000 employees by the end of 2017. In a statement IBM mentioned that “Re-skilling and rebalancing are the two major tasks of the company”.

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These decisions of IT companies are frightening IT employees. Low level jobs could be replaced by robots and only low-level jobs will be affected by automation. Companies are also concentrating on the under performers who are not working up to the mark. However, experts believe that new jobs will be created with automation but it is not equal to the number of layoffs happening.

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