IAS officer Mukesh Pandey commits suicide, Reasons

IAS officer Mukesh Pandey commits suicide

IAS officer Mukesh Pandey commits suicide as he jumped from a moving train. Mukesh Pandey was found dead on railway track. Bihar Baxar collector was dead in Uttar Pradesh Ghajiabad, Delhi police has found his dead body on railway track. According to Delhi police reports, IAS officer Mukesh Pandey was dead because of disputes in his family.

Mukesh Pandey has kept a message to his relatives that he is going to commit suicide by jumping off from Jaanak puri hotel. Relatives have alerted Delhi police and by the time police reached the hotel, IAS officer Mukesh Pandey was standing on top of 10th floor of the hotel. By seeing police, Mukesh Pandey ran away from there and boarded a train.

He jumped off from a fast moving train. Police have collected the suicide letter in his hotel room which says “Forgive me for taking this decision, I’m fed up with my life and i have lost hope on humanity and human life”. Mukesh Pandey was from 2012 IAS batch and recently he has taken charge as Baxar magistrate. IAS association have paid condolences to IAS officer Mukesh Pandey.

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