Hyundai Sonata 2017 turbo version to release soon: Things you need to know

Hyundai Sonata

Flash! Flash! Flash! Hyundai will soon release a new Sonata model in this year. Hyundai has posted the sketch of the new Sonata model in Facebook and the sketches of this new turbo car from Hyundai are going viral in the social media. The company may launch the car in the New York motor show. As you can see in the image, the car comes with a dynamic sportier look.

Hyundai has released sonata model three years ago and now it came up with turbo model with multi-dual silencers. The existing sonata model has two variant engines, one with 1.6 and another with 2.0 turbo engines and now the latest sonata engine may be updated even better. The design of the new 2017 sonata is really impressive as the front end comes with cascading radiator grille with slim headlights.

new Sonata car

However similar to the recent Hyundai i30, the new sonata will also feature a daytime running LED headlights. According to few sources, the latest sonata engine will also feature a 2.0 turbo engine just like the existing one but with revised features. The current 2.0 turbo engine can produce 245hp coupled with seven-speed automatic transmission. The new turbo engine of sonata will come with 2.0T engine which can produce minimum 260hp.

Sonata 2017

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However there are no official announcement from Hyundai regarding the features and specifications of new Hyundai sonata. The price of the latest sonata may be higher than the current price range of existing sonata. After releasing the sketch of the sonata car have increased expectations among Hyundai sonata lovers and are eagerly waiting for the release of the car. Stay tuned to for more updates about the Hyundai new sonata turbo car.

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