Hyundai 2017 Grand i10 1.2 diesel genuine drive review

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A new 2017 Hyundai Grand i10 has gone on sale and it is getting a good response from the customers. Thanks to the quality design and manufacturing and even the price is quite balanced according to the new i10 1.2. We all know that Maruti is the top car seller in the country and it is possible only for Hyundai to beat Maruti Suzuki sales. Hyundai offers great service and its sales are also good except for the past year sales which has seen a bit downfall.

Grand i10 stood as one of the best selling cars of Hyundai and it is this car which made Hyundai to stand in the market race. However, it’s been more than three years since the first Grand i10 hit the roads and there are lakhs of customers exclusively for Grand i10. A new Swift from Maruti Suzuki is on its way and to challenge it Hyundai should come with something far better than old Grand i10.

Hyundai 2017 i10

Hence it released a new Grand i10 with 1.2 liter diesel engine and this is talk of the town right now. Hyundai has unveiled new Grand i10 in the last year and now it has finally hit the Indian roads. The best thing about new Grand i10 is it comes for just Rs 4.58 lakhs. Want to know how Grand i10 is performing? Let us checkout the performance and other specifications of the 2017 Grand i10.

First things first, Grand i10 is the first ever car with Cascading grille with new face design for Hyundai. New Grand i10 features a LED strips at the side edges of the grille. A perfect 15-inch diamond shaped wheels is suited well for the i10. Two people at front (including driver) and three passengers at rear can sit comfortably with a luxurious cabin space. The seats were also designed extraordinary with soft leather seats which come in a creamy color with black borders.

Hyundai i10 2017

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A 7-inch screen in the center will give you many controls on the i10 and it also features multi-touch gestures. A voice command button is integrated in the steering wheel which can be used with Apple’s Siri or Google assistant. It also has a rear parking camera for safe and better parking of the car.  The new Hyundai Grand i10 comes with all new 1.2liter diesel engine with slight moderation which can produce 75PS. Earlier Grand i10 produced only 71PS and even torque is improved. The new i10 can give you 190NM of descent torque.

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