Hyderabad IT Engineers are least skilled: Study reveals

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This might be sour news for Hyderabadi’s but the latest study reports reveal that the Hyderabad IT engineers are the list skilled in the country. There are many metropolitan cities in India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. All these popular cities are the leading IT hubs in the country and the cities are full of IT engineers and IT companies.

Automata National programing Skills (ANPS) has done a survey on the IT engineers from all the cities of India. The list revealed that the Hyderabad IT engineers lacked skills and also stated that this is the main reason for low employment in IT industry. ANPS conducted survey on over 36,000 engineering students from around 500 engineering colleges.

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The bitter fact is that only 0.7% of graduates have good skills for writing a basic code. This is an eye-opener for all the colleges and education system how the students were being taught in the colleges. ANPS also stated that it would give quality training to help the students in improving their coding skills. It also mentioned that the students should learn as much as they can in College itself to get better opportunities in the world.

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Telangana Academy for skill and Knowledge (TASK) chief Sujeev Nayar has responded on the latest ANPS report and stated that “To improve the programing skills in the engineering students, we will introduce certain special courses in the engineering colleges which are having less resources and poor teaching system”.

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