HTC VIVE VR system price and specifications: Transform yourself

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HTC launched its first ever virtual reality system VIVE in India. HTC VIVE made its successful entry to India and the VR system lovers are eagerly waiting for it. HTC have released VIVE in India but it is exclusively available in Amazon store and it is not available on any offline stores. But it may take a while to deliver the orders as HTC has opened only pre-orders for HTC VIVE.

You can now place an order in Amazon to get your first ever virtual reality system. From April 25th, the product will be readily available without any pre-orders. After certain period, HTC will show case the HTC VIVE in specific areas for providing an in-store experience.

HTC VIVE VR system price and specifications

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HTC VIVE will completely change the things and the way we interact with many things in our daily life. Virtual reality is one of the greatest achievements by the humans and this will help in leading to a new world. HTC VIVE is the first ever virtual reality system with complete VR solution.

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However building virtual reality system is no cheap and this is why HTC VIVE is priced at whopping Rs 92,990. You need to spend few bucks to get virtual reality experience. HTC VIVE is already released in other countries and it is now going to be launched even in India and this is the first VR system in India and it has got no challenger.

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