whatsapp profile tracker
How To check Who viewed your whatsapp profile and DP
Whatsapp is the most popular social messenger. Whatsapp already has billions of user and it still increasing. But do you
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How to differentiate between real and fake Rs 500 note? Fake Rs 500 notes in ATM
In the past few days, fake Rs 500 notes have been creating quite a mess. Many people don’t know whether
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YouTube views
How to Get More Views on YouTube Instantly and safely !
Wondering How to Get More Views on YouTube Instantly and safely? Well, for a new channel it is very difficult
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watermelon chicken curry by granny
Watermelon Chicken curry will leave you amazed!
You might eat watermelon as a tasty and juicy fruit. But do you know that you can also make chicken
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How to make Egg 65 | Simple & Easy way to make Egg 65 recipe
Love chicken 65? Well, chicken 65 is one of the tastiest recipes but do you know that we can also
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How to make Chilli Potatoes Recipe | Tastes better than French Fries
Do you like French fries? After tasting this tasty Chilli Potatoes recipe you will love this too. Wondering on how
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drinking water benfits
Now purify water with these awesome sweet dips
  Now say goodbye to purifiers and stop heating water to drink purified water, the sweet dips have come to
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Tips for bad smell from body
How to avoid smell from sweat on the body: Simple tips
Well, getting sweat from body is good but the smell which we get from our sweat is awful. Sweat is
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How to make cold sales phone calls
How perfect you may speak English but to make cold calls you need something more than just speaking English. Making
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uTorrent can be soon accessed in your web browser: How
uTorrent is the favorite buddy for millions of people around the world. The torrent site provides various pirated movies to
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apple siri
How to use Apple Siri for WhatsApp text messages
WhatsApp always strive to bring something new in its chatting app. WhatsApp ensures that its users get great experience while
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new ATM Cards
Fingerprint ATM cards: When and How to use them
Remembering ATM card pin number is a big headache in these days. We have to remember many things in our
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tips for socks smell
How to keep socks fresh? Avoid socks smell with this simple tip
We all face this problem. Our socks do stink and smell awfully. That’s probably because when we wear socks, our
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increase wifi speed easily
How to make internet 100-times faster with infrared Wi-Fi system
In coming days you may enjoy internet 100 times faster than the existing internet speed. The scientists have found a
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googlew money
Send money via Gmail as an attachment: New Gmail update lets you send money
This is a new and crazy step by Google as you can now send money via Gmail. Normally we attach
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charge your mobile fast
Check out how to charge smartphones with green tea
A new innovation in the smart world and this step by scientists can really affect the future of the smartphones
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latest android mobiles
How to access secret features in Android phones: A hidden menu
Do you use an Android smartphone? If yes, then are you using the full extent of it? There are unknown
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capture perfect photos
How to capture perfect photos with smartphones: Tips for taking good pics
The smartphone world has seen tremendous changes in the camera specifications. Many smartphones are available with high megapixels and great
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finding someone you need
How to find people on web
Looking for someone? Well it may not be that difficult to find someone with today’s technology. There are loads of
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phone dropped into water
How to fix phone when dropped into water: Tested and simple way to fix your phone
Smartphone is our life now-a-days as it has become one of the most important things in our life. In a
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boost speed of your smart phone
Use these tricks to kick your smartphone to run faster
Today more than half of the people on this planet are using smartphones. There are many apps and features in
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know how to find original leather
Know How to identify original leather products: Bags, shoes, trousers and many more
We all love the leather products but the real question is that, is it original leather? Sellers usually cheat people
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save ac power consumption
Know this Simple cool hack to save your AC electricity bill
Now a day due to present situations and pollution humidity is increasing day by day .so to keep our body
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wifi speed booster
Boost your WIFI speed with this simple tweak
Fed-up with your Wi-Fi speed? Is your network taking long time to load web pages? Struggling with buffering YouTube videos?
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hack wifi pasword
Know how to view Wi-Fi password of connected android devices
It’s always difficult to know the WIFI password of our neighbours, Friends and sometime even we might forget our Wi-Fi
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Know how to start “Secret Conversations” on your FB messenger
Now its turn for Facebook messenger to provide the end to end encryption .we all know that Whatsapp has recently
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Now you can listen to PDF files instead of reading. How? Check it now
Reading long PDF files will always be difficult task for us but here is the simple technic by which we
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