Holy shit! This is how we got fooled by Patanjali brand

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Natural and Ayurvedic products are getting huge demand now-a-days as people are getting health concerned due to increase of artificial products. This change in people’s mindset was cashed by Patanjali. Baba Ram Dev’s Patanjali made people fools by making them believe that all Patanjali products are natural and no artificial chemicals are used and people believed this principle of Patanjali.

People are purchasing patanjali products by assuming that all patanjali products are natural and harmless. But do you know the fact that the patanjali products are not natural completely. Some artificial chemicals were mixed in the patanjali products for preserving the product for a while. We trusted that all the products of patanjali were pure but yes we have been fooled.

The cow ghee which we thought is a complete pure is not pure actually. It has lot of artificial chemicals in it. So before you go for any patanjali products, you better think once. Regarding the quality of the patanjali products, an FMCG expert has made a video of the quality tests of the patanjali products. He made several quality tests for few products like Patanjali honey, ghee, atta noodles and few other products. The results were unbelievable.

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From years people trusted this brand and this how we got fooled by Baba Ramdev’s patanjali. For instance, Patanjali dish wash is said to be apure natural dish wash soap which won’t contain any sort of chemicals. But a dish wash contains linear alkyl benzene and also sodium hydroxide is used to produce a dish wash liquid. So are these ingredients natural? In these few years, Patanjali made some thousands of crores business in India by selling the FMCG products on the name of Natural and pure. According to experts, if an FMCG product should be preserved for such a long time some chemical will be used for sure.

So from years we thought we were using natural products but guys you have to believe this bitter truth about the quality of patanjali products.

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