Hizbul terrorists torturing two young informers, video goes viral


Hizbul terrorists have captured two youngsters of Jammu and Kashmir and tortured them. The two youngsters portrayed themselves as police informers. Well this has brought these two young boys real trouble as they wanted to get jobs as SPOs. The 7-minutes video of terrorists torturing the two young lads is now going viral in social media.

The boy was pleading the terrorists for mercy and begging to leave him. The terrorists showed their cruelty and shaved the boy’s head. The video also has a headline stating “Breaking news: Asalamualaikum: ye wo gaddar hai jo mujahideen ki khabar Hindustani kutton ko detey hain”. It says that these are the traitors who give info regarding militants to Indian d*g* for getting SPO jobs in police.

This incident has frightened the youth of Jammu and Kashmir who are looking for police jobs as SPOs. The two boys who were captured are taken to a dark room and got humiliated by the terrorists. The militants recorded the video of torturing the boy and uploaded it on web. This created panic in people and the militants warned what happens if someone cooperates with police.

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In the video, militant forced the boy’s head in to bucket of water and beaten hard with sticks.  The Indian army and government are serious about the incident and the police reported that the video is shot in South Kashmir. However there are no reports on the whereabouts of the two boys.

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