Highest ever heat temperature recorded in Hyderabad: A Fire Ball

temperature in hyderabad

The summer season in Hyderabad turned out as a nightmare for the citizens in Hyderabad. During summer seasons in the past, Hyderabadis didn’t faced this much heat in the past 44 years. In the past two days the temperature recorded was highest ever in Hyderabad, Around 43 degrees temperature was recorded which was the same temperature recorded back in 1973.

Till now Hyderabad never faced this kind of heat and the Hyderabad people were getting feared to step out in the afternoons. The normal temperature in summer season should be around 38.3 degrees but this time is almost 5 degrees higher than the usual temperature.

Heat waves have been increased rapidly and led to cumulonimbus clouds. This was the main reason for hotter climate in the city. The Hyderabad people are suffering a lot due to the sudden increase of heat temperature in the city. The officials said that the same heat temperature may continue for few more days and it is better not to go out in the afternoons.

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Here the real problem is for people who do businesses on roadsides and marketing people who spend a lot of time in travelling on roads. You must take certain precautions and safety measure for being safe from the hot sun.

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