High sugar levels in blood leads to Alzheimer’s: Tips to stay away from Alzheimer’s

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There are millions of people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a kind of brain disease which leads to memory loss and also influences the way of thinking and behavior of the people affected by Alzheimer’s. This brain disease starts slowly without knowing but it grows rapidly and reaches to final stage.  It reduces the thinking power of the people just like a drug.

Alzheimer’s is seriously a dangerous disease which may not affect health directly but makes people completely dumb. However the scientists recently founded that people who have high sugar levels in the blood have low capacity to fight with Alzheimer’s. The scientists from England said that they have found a close relation between Alzheimer’s and high sugar levels in the blood.

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When a person is affected by Alzheimer’s disease, Macro phase Migration Inhibitory factor (MIF) enzyme fights with Alzheimer’s disease. This MIF enzyme is very important to get rid of Alzheimer’s disease but the high sugar levels in blood is a real enemy for MIF. The high sugar levels in blood will destroy the MIF enzyme completely and makes it difficult to reduce the Alzheimer’s disease.

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This is the reason why people with diabetics get affected with Alzheimer’s disease.  The diabetic people will have high sugar levels in their blood and they don’t have enough MIF enzyme. So to stay away from Alzheimer’s, you better reduce the sugar levels in your blood by staying away from foods with high sugars. Also avoid drinking colas and other drinks.

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