The Hidden beaches in Marieta islands, Mexico: Nature’s wonder

Nature’s wonder

Don’t be jealous of the Mexicans for their astonishingly romantic beach with a sandy cavern. It is an hour journey to the northwest from the coast of Puerto Vallarta’s. It is a famous tourist destination attracting romantic adventurists from all over the world. With lush blue waves hitting its shores, the Marieta islands are a marvel by itself.

The Hidden beaches in Marieta islands, Mexico

It is said that that they are result of bomb tests in the 19th century by the Mexicans which created the much hyped crater. And the formation of a water tunnel and the caves is a blessing in disguise for today’s tourists. These formations are named Parque Nacional Islas Marietas, thus controlled the future blasts in the region.

Nature’s wonder

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These beeches are not the same beeches like you have visited before and could not just walk in to these hidden beeches under mountains and caves.The environmentalists are saving these hidden beaches in Mexico for future and these beaches are thriving tourists from all over the world.

The Hidden beaches in Marieta islands, Mexico

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These hidden beaches are really wonders of nature and you will love to hangout in these cave beaches. After seeing the images, these beaches will become your dream spot to be. Since many decades these beeches are hid under the caves and scientists believe that there are still many hidden beaches in the world.

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