Hero flash electronic scooter launched, specs: No need of registration

Hero Flash

Here is the first electric scooter from Hero. A scooter which runs with just electric charge is launched by Hero. This flash electronic scooter is different from other scooters and is very unique as other scooters runs with petrol and Hero’s flash electronic scooter runs with electric charge. This new flash scooter of Hero is available in two colors as of now: silver-black and red-black combinations.

The new Hero Flash scooter is enabled with 250 watt electric motor which is integrated with 48-volt 20 Ah VRLA battery. This scooter is completely protected from short-circuit. The flash electronic scooter can ride up to 66km per single electric charge. So this will be the best scooter to travel for short distances and weighs just 87 kg which is very less when compared to other scooters.

The best thing about this scooter is, it does not require any kind of RTA registration. You can drive this flash electronic scooter on public roads without any number plate/registration. It has got approval from the Road transportation department. Another thing is that, the person who drives this electronic scooter doesn’t require any driving license. This is good news for minor teenagers who don’t have any driving license and also senior citizens can drive it.

new Hero electric scooter

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This new Hero electric flash scooter has all the features just like other scooters. It has got huge headlamp with full safety protection with aluminum steel rods. The storage compartment under the seat is also available. There is a spacious leg space at front and can also place heavy large objects at front. The price of Hero Flash electronic scooter starts from INR 19,990 and is available in all the Hero showrooms and at other private dealerships.

This new electric flash scooter is the best as it does not have any emission and will not pollute the environment. No need of petrol, all you need is a single electric charge. Just plug in, plug out and ride!

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