Harish Shankar harsh response on ‘Gudilo Badilo’ Controversy

Allu arjun DJ making pics

Allu Arjun is getting ready for his upcoming film, Duvvada Jagannadham. The craze for DJ is increasing rapidly day by day. The songs and teaser have got record views in YouTube. The recent song from DJ is creating quite a buzz in YouTube and social media. The ‘Gudilo Badilo’ song is superb with Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde chemistry and dancing performance.

However, no the song is in to controversies as a group of Brahmins got hurt with the song. Regarding this controversy, director Harish Shankar has responded and gave mind blowing answer to the critics. “Of course, a guy from Agraharam compares his love with the things he sees around him. He talks about Tamalapaku (Betel leaf) from his place but won’t compare love with Maavidaku (Mango Leaf) from Pakistan”.

The director went on stating that If a guy says he can’t focus on studies, it doesn’t mean he is insulting Goddess Saraswathi. “A betel leaf from Agraharam is purer because a leaf once used for Abhishekam will not be used again. So, a brahmin guy has to compare his love with a Tamalapaku but not with a piece of chicken” he said.

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“We have spent more than 70 crores to make the film and worked hard a complete year. We showed a Brahmin as a hero in the film, not Allu Arjun. It’s ok if you don’t understand the lyrics, but don’t try to interpret the film in a wrong way”.

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