Grow tall with these super foods: Proved in height increase

Tips to increase height

We all love to be height and being tall has many advantages. It is really embarrassing to be in a pack of tall people when you are short in height. Women always like tall men and even people with good height have a good dynamic look. Height adds more beauty to your body and helps you to feel confident all the time. In case if you want to go for a cop selections or if you want to join in Army, then height plays a key role. In this way, height has many advantages and necessities too.

Many people go for surgeries for increasing height but they have side effects as there was a case in India. A teenager has got surgery to increase height but it has got failed and he ended up in massacre, now he is unable to walk. So why to take risks unnecessarily when there are natural ways to increase your height. There are some foods which can increase your height.


increase height naturally

Rhubarb is an American plant which is herbaceous perennial which is used in preparing many recipes. Diabetes can also be cured with this amazing fruit, rhubarb. Eat rhubarb thrice a week to boost your hormones in the body which will result in increase of the height. You can even it rhubarb in raw state also but it would taste better if you cook and eat. However rhubarb is not available everywhere and is not seen more often in the vegetable stores.

Bok Choy

natural tips to increase height

Bok Choy is often known as Chinese cabbage because it is mainly cultivated in China. The Bok Choy would help you in boosting your height and is the must vegetable to include in your daily meal. Bok Choy is loaded with half dozen compounds like carbohydrates, minerals, fibers and vitamins and all these will support the hormone growth in the body. In case if you can’t find Bok Choy in your location then you can also go with regular cabbage.


increase height naturally

Turnips are the best food if you are striving to increase your height. Turnips are mainly grown in temperate locations and the bad news is that turnips are not available in many countries. Just like Bok Choy, turnips are also rich in fibers, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. You can include turnips when you cook other vegie foods or you can even make a special dish with turnips. The best part about turnips is, you can actually grow height in few weeks. You can also prepare juice of turnips and drink on a daily base.

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Brussels sprouts

increase height

Brussels sprout is a great height increasing food which boosts growth in hormones. Brussels sprouts also belong to cabbage family which is almost similar to cabbage. It also contains anti-cancer compounds which prevents in getting cancer. This vegie has a dozen minerals and proteins which are essential in hormone growth. It is advisable to eat Brussels sprouts in a raw state or in semi-cooked state like shown in above image. Eat Brussels sprouts three times per week for best results in increase of height.

Collard Green

foods to increase height

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Collard green is an leafy vegetable which has plenty of fibers, vitamin C and the rare vitamin K. The best part about collard green is, it can activate the dead hormones in the body which will improve height. This adds advantage as the normal hormones and the dead hormones can increase your height. Include collard green in your regular diet to boost your height.

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