How to grow hair naturally & easily for women

grow hair naturally

Have you tried all the ways to get long and attractive hairstyle as shown on TV ads? But failed all the time while trying to have long hair? Well, don’t worry, this article is for you … The drugs, gels, tonic and other products that are exposed to the hair exclusively on the market are available. You can grow hair naturally and easily without any side effects. But you need to follow certain habits in order to grow hair.

Eat Healthy Food

hair fall diet

Our hair growth will only improve when the hair fall is reduced. Most of us are undergoing a stressful lifestyle and quickly become bald. So, get a healthy diet every day for improvement in hair growth. Eat healthy food, fresh vegetables and fruits. Always stay hydrated and drink abundant of water.

 Get rid of oily hair


When the hair is washed with a variety of products available on the market, the hair becomes dry. So, try experimenting on your hair and use naturally-made drugs at home. Particularly, take half a cup of mustard oil and heat. When the heat starts to begin, add the salt and pepper seeds to the mustard oil and mix well with spoon. Then cool the mixture and apply it to the hair follicles and leave it for full night. Next day, have shower with a shampoo. Follow it once every two or three months. By doing this, hair growth will get doubled than usual.

Trim your hair

Did you stop cutting hair? But your hair growth will stop completely. It is also the reason for the hair loss. Hair cutting every two years will increase hair growth and improve your health. Many women get frightened and tensed for cutting their hair but if you are looking for long hair then you need to take risk.

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Quit using hair straightening products

hair fall remides

Reduce the use of color and re-bonding products for your hair. Using chemicals can damage the health of your hair. So, wash your hair every day and keep your hair in condition. The hair becomes dry and the growth becomes stagnant. Use natural products for your hair for

Use safety hair packs


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There are many types of hair packs available on the market. Use only good products, products that belong to the brand name. In addition, stay away from heat as much as possible. Hair exposure causes you to be exposed to intense sunlight. Use umbrella, or scarf to protect your scalp or hair from direct sun light.

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