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men beard tips

A men looks like a men when he has got some facial hair. A good beard describes the passion and royalty of men and many men out there has a problem of low facial hair or no facial hair at all. Even girls like men with a good beard. Facial hair increases the handsomeness in men and is must for a man. But due to genes problems and some other reasons some men doesn’t have any facial hair. For this problem we have brought some of the best natural tips to grow beard. Want to be a man with perfect beard? Then read the below tips.

Shave at least once

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Yes, shaving your face can get you beard! Wondering what to shave when you don’t have a beard? Well shave the face with razor even though you are not having any facial hair. Keep a steam for your face and then shave with a razor by using hot water. This way you can grow beard in a balanced way and you can also grow facial hair. Use razor instead of using trimmers but remember do not shave too much. Shaving too much will affect your face and there are chances of getting dark and rough skin.

Face massage

men beard tips

Massage your face weekly once with gooseberry or eucalyptus oil. Massage gently with this oil for 10 -15 minutes and then wash it off with water. By doing facial massage, you can grow facial hair easily and you can also boost hair growth on your face.

Vitamins for facial beard growth

foods to eat for getting beard

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You have to take foods which are rich in vitamins for growing facial hair. Sound’s weird right! But, yes you can boost facial growth by taking good vitamin foods and this has been proved in a research carried by George in UK. Take foods with abundant vitamins like Fish, eggs, beans, leafy vegies, carrot and eggs.

Apply moisturizer

beard tips for men

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By applying moisturizer creams in the beard area of your face, you can grow facial hair easily. You can apply certain moisturizer suitable for your face every day. This way the hair in the beard area will get some support for growing. Assume that your facial hair like a plant and a plant will grow when it is watered correctly. In the same way you need to apply creams for your face but choose quality creams as cheap creams may affect your face.

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