Gravity light which doesn’t require power, battery: Great invention

A gravity light

Here is an amazing gravity bulb which can produce light without any power, batteries or even solar power. It generates power by just using gravity. This is really a great invention from Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves. This gravity bulb will be useful for many backward countries and poor people who lack electricity. The cost of this gravity bulb is also affordable and this invention has received many awards.

They have spent almost four years in developing the gravity light. It does not require any source of power to generate power. All you need to do is hanging it to a wall or tree for using this amazing gravity light. Certain weights are connected to the rope of the light and pull the other rope for generating light. As soon as you release the rope, it will create a light.

After releasing the rope the weight eventually falls and triggers a tiny generator inside the machine. The gravity light can generate light for about 30 minutes and after 30 minutes you have to pull the rope again to restart the light. It takes less than 3 seconds for restart. For developing this gravity bulb and for demonstration they have arranged a fund raising campaign to generate estimated funds up to $50,000. But interestingly they have received almost $400, 000 funds.

 gravity bulb

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Jim Reeves stated that this success was possible by the support of Bill gates who endorsed this invention and commented that “this is the best invention and it’s really great to have an cheap electricity bulb in the backward and developing countries”. After this statement Jim Reeves have received massive funds in a short span. This will be helpful for poor people who cannot pay electricity bill for lights.

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