Google the most valuable brand in world while TATA is out of top 100: what’s more

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The list of most valuable brands were released and the tech giant Google has topped the listed by occupying the first position. Google stood in first place as a global brand while TATA is out of the top 100 list. This list consists of most valuable brands from all over the world. Many top multi-national companies were considered for this list. Many top reputed brands struggled for the first position but Google has got it with its diversified empire.

But the sad part is that the $100 billion TATA company is out of top 100 due to recent aspects which occurred by removal cyrus Mistry, the TATA group was badly affected. This is why TATA was out of top 100 and stood in 103rd position as it stood in 81st position last year. There are few other Indian brands which have improved their rankings in the global value branding.

The Indian brands like Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) stood at 221 from 284 in last year. Airtel also improved its brand and rank to 190 which was 243 last year. Another tech giant from India Infosys occupied 251 rank, earlier it was in 302 rank and improved 51 ranks this year. There are also few other brands which improved rankings.

As Google is in first place, Apple stood at second just after Google. Apple was the most valuable brand since five years but now Google pulled Apple back to second place. This is because of Apple’s huge loss as it fall down to $108 billion from $146 billion in just one year and this helped Google to climb the first position. In 2016, Google stood in first place by improving its brand value from $88 billion to $109 billion.

The online retail giant who started the drone delivery recently, grabbed the third position by improving its brand value by 53%. While the social media king Facebook stood at 9th position as it has improved its brand value by 83 %.  Facebook has gained majority of business from India due to the tariff war in India as majority in the 83% improvement happened at the year end from India. AS reliance JIO offered free data other telecom companies battled by giving affordable and free data. This became as an advantage for Facebook.

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The most interesting part in this list is the Chinese companies Alibaba, Tencent and we chat. These companies improved their brand value by 94%, 124% and 103%. This list was made by the Brand Finance Global 500, it has selected 500 most reputed brands from all over the world.

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