Google slammed Microsoft by disclosing the windows vulnerability to the public

google vs microsoft

It looks like Google has given a hard punch to Microsoft that it was so embarrassed in the public. Google faced Vulnerability issues in the windows OS and informed Microsoft about the issue but Microsoft failed to solve the issue. After giving certain time period to Microsoft, Google has publicly announced and showed the proofs of the flaws of Microsoft. This aspect is now going viral all over the social media and on web.

The project Zero team of Google has disclosed a vulnerability issue of Microsoft windows which is affecting the operating systems starting from windows vista to windows 10. The search giant has given 3months time period to solve the flaw in the Graphics device interface (GDI). The Microsoft security team failed to patch the issue.

After getting complaint from Google, the Microsoft security team solved only few errors and left few more without solving and hence paid the price to the search giant. After the failure of Microsoft, Google has released the list of all the errors, vulnerability and also the list of hackers who tried to hack their systems due to this error by Microsoft.

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The project Zero team of Google will identify all the security loop holes in various software’s and brings it to the notice of the software vendor and this time the Project zero team has found an security loop hole in the windows software of Microsoft. The hackers can attack the systems by accessing physically and it is still a threat to the users. This error by Microsoft in security vulnerability will grant a one month time for the hackers before it is fixed. So the search giant Google has put a cold punch on the face of Microsoft.

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