Google and other search engines to ban Torrent site links permanently


Another black day for torrent lovers, all the torrent site links will be banned by Google and also by other search engines. The online piracy may come to end after struggling battle with search engines. These torrent sites provide their users all the piracy movies around the world. These torrent sites are causing a huge loss for the movie production companies as the people are downloading the pirated movies through online.

The Hollywood production companies and the search engines have come to an agreement for banning the torrent links which are providing pirated movies to the people. However only the site links may get banned but we can still visit the official torrent websites. From years, Hollywood companies are blaming Google and other search engines for encouraging the torrent sites.

More than a billion takedown requests have came up for Google in last year alone. When the popular KickassTorrents were blocked, the entire world was shocked and the movie lovers felt pretty bad. However there are many websites available in online to satisfy the need of users. The entertainment companies have taken the help of British Intellectual property office to make discussions and agreements over the ban of torrent site links.

However the entertainment companies may approach the governments of respective countries to impose regulations over the search engines to eradicate the torrent site links. Google and other search engines may not take decision to ban torrent site links unless if governments take certain actions. But even if the search engines ban torrent site links the users can visit the official website.

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What do you think of this aspect? Does the search engines decision on banning the torrent site links will restrict the online privacy? Let us know in the comment section.

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