Google to remove AdSense ads from single pages

google new policy

Google had just now announced their new AdSense’s policy .This new AdSense policy will be more transparency for publisher and site owners. Previously, violations of Google’s AdSense Google policy then Google would terminate their entire AdSense Account immediately. This will be a major stock for the publishers who depend on AdSense income only.

Now according to the Google new AdSense policy Google would terminate ads only from a single page which violated Google AdSense rules. This new policy will be a great relief for the publishers and site owner who mostly depend on AdSense income only. This new AdSense policy will defiantly reduce the risk of damage for AdSense publisher.

google adense

Google say that this action will be much faster than before to remove ads from a single page. Google will also take site level actions whenever needed. If the publisher still continues to violate the policy then Google will permanently block your AdSense program.

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Google has introduced new communication system to know why an ad removed from your site. This new communication channel will tell you everything a publisher needs to know about policy violations. This communication channel will help you by providing step by step instructions for resolving the issue. This new AdSense policy will roll out very soon.


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