Google new ad policies will help advertisers in controlling their ads

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Google might soon change its ads policies as it recently stated it in the official blog. The United States search giant has taken a new decision in terms of its ads policies. UK government and other advertisers have brought pressure on Google and they stated that their ads are being displayed just beside offensive content like terrorism and other s*x content.

The advertisers said that it will negatively affect their reputation if their ads are displayed on beside such kind of offensive content. Now Google will provide certain control options for the advertisers and this will help them a lot. Now advertisers can decide and arrange where their ad should be displayed. Google always filters its ads and publishers.

google adsense policy

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Last year Google has terminated over 2billion offensive ads which encourage terrorism or any offensive type. Google has also banned almost 100,000 publishers from Google’s ad sense program. Hence Google reported that the advertisers can avail simple ways in displaying ads and they can get a secured form of displaying ads without showing nearby offensive content.

Google is responsible for controlling its ads and publishers and the search giant should take necessary action on avoiding offensive content. Meanwhile Germany warned the social media giant Facebook that it would be fined $53 million in case if Facebook doesn’t allow people to terminate fake news, hate speech and other illegal content removal.

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