Google and Microsoft to bring down the websites with piracy content

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The days of the websites which promotes piracy content are finished as Google and Microsoft has jointly agreed to bring down the websites with piracy content. The websites which stream pirated content will not be shown in first pages in the search. The Google search and Microsoft’s Bing will not permit the websites that host pirated content like Piracy movies, music albums or any other pirated material.

This action by the Search giant Google and Microsoft will help the movie industry a lot in losing money by piracy. However this action will be first taken on the websites in UK. Earlier the Hollywood film production companies have approached Google for banning the torrent site links in Google search. Google earlier said that, it may stop torrent site links in the Google search but still the users can visit the official torrent websites directly.

The Intellectual property office (IPO) in Britain stated that the search engines should prevent the traffic to illegal websites which promote pirated materials. The search engines like Google and Bing will send copyright infringement notices to the websites with illegal pirated content and will take action on certain websites by removing them from first pages of Google.

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The copyright watchdog will keep an eye on Google and Bing search of Microsoft that how they would crack the websites with pirated content. If the search engines fail to control these websites then more accurate and possible measures will be taken. This is really good news for film production companies. However Google has earlier stated that search engines cannot stop the pirated movies as the users can still visit the official website and it is not in Google hands.

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