Google material design comes to Chrome extension page

google chrome

Google has done many things to improve the user experience. Google Chrome is one of the top search engines in the world. Everyday millions of people around the world use chrome for various purposes. Now Google has come with a new update, a material design. The extensions page is now redesigned and has given a smart look when compared to the old boring list of extensions.

Using this new Google material design is pretty easy and all you have to do is, go to chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions (you can copy this link and paste it in your chrome search bar). After going to the page, enable the flag for a new extensions page with fresh and new look. After enabling the flag, you need to restart/refresh your chrome browser for getting the changes in your extension page.

google chrome

Old Google extension page

You are also having various options to make your browsing experience a lot better with redesigned looks and new appearance. You can get them at Google material design in flag page and then you can select the required changes and new looks in your Google chrome. But remember to refresh or restart your chrome browser after applying any kind of changes in your chrome.

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Google stands at first in the search engines worldwide and has gained millions of users who search for various information and Google has everything. There are many applications which are supported by Google like Google maps, Google plus, Google drive and many more.


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