Google to make a comeback to China after 7 years: Things to know

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Google is soon going to make a comeback after seven years in China, if everything goes perfectly then the search giant will get back to China. In 2010, Google has withdrawn its services in China as strict censor rules were implemented but still Google always wanted to come back to the world’s largest internet market. China has more than 721 million internet users and the number is growing more every day.

Google is making certain discussions with Beijing officials and the government for getting back into Country. But there were few things to get by. Liu stated that “If Google want’s to enter China then it should follow Chinese rules’. But the problem for Google is if they follow Chinese rules then it will affect its global operating rules. More agreements are to be done in between China and Google.

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Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and millions of people across the globe use Google for various purposes. Google offers over dozen services and it is likely to make a comeback by launching Google scholar first. Google scholar is a service which provides literature articles on various aspects. According to few sources, Google made a deal for a joint venture with China’s second largest online games operator. Google is likely to launch Google play in China.

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After Google left China, the Chinese search engine Baidu has captured the market and is now biggest search engine in China. Microsoft’s Bing also made its presence in China after making certain adjustments in the search engine. China always attracted Google in getting back as it has millions of internet users. We have to wait and see whether Google will be seen in China once again. Stay tuned to for more updates on Google entering China.

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