Google to launch Android pay, things you need to know

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The decision taken by the Indian government to ban the big notes has led to digital payments in the profit margin. The importance of cashless digital payments in India has grown enormously in the past few months. Now, all of the giant companies focused on digital payments in India starting from Samsung, Whatsapp and few other services. Now Google is also on its way to India.

Android pay Digital wallet

Google has tied up with United payments interface to introduce Android pay in India. However, Google has an advantage as majority of the smartphones used in India are of Android operating system. Google can use this to its advantage for is android pay digital payment services.

Google to launch Android pay, things you need to know

Countries using Android pay

Google has already launched android pay in various countries across the globe. In the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Japan and Belgium are already using Android pay. Recently, Google also launched android pay even in Russia. Samsung pay is also launched in India few months back.

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Android pay services

Google has released Android Pay services back in 2015. The company spokesperson who responded to the Android Pay Services Launching Report in India said that users are looking for ways to simplify payments through their mobile devices. He also mentioned that “we are offering our services in few countries and very soon we will enter to other countries as well”.

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