Google I/O announced: Android O is simply superb

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The US giant Google has announced its new Android operating version and is called as Android O. Google has announced complete details of Android O in I/O 2017 developer conference. The latest Android O version brings in new features and more flexibility for the android users. The latest features of Android O will give you picture-in-picture, Notification dots, smart Text selection and many more.

The new Android version of Google enables more advanced security features to save your device and info from being hacked. In the recent times, the smartphones security is at stake and the hackers are breaking all the security walls and stealing sensitive information. Android O is the 8th version of Android OS which will come after Android Nougat rollover.

Android O Features


Vitals are extra protection for the user’s device from the apps in Playstore. Earlier only Playstore protect can scan all the apps which are uploaded to the Google Playstore. But now Google is allowing even the users to scan the apps. Currently, Google scans more than 50 billion apps per day. The new OS of Google runs faster than the old android versions as it was given twice as fast boot time.

Fluid Experience

Google has improved the notifications experience. In the earlier Android versions, we have seen notifications at top of the screen. But now you can get app notifications in the form of dots on the screen. Multi-tasking is made easier and flexible in the Android O. With the latest version, you can login to apps easily and your device will remember passwords just like Google doing on your desktop.

Google I/O announced: Android O is simply superb

TensorFlow Lite

For the first time ever, Google has announced TensorFlow Lite technology in its latest Android operating system. TensorFlow Lite is a neural network which powers the next generation smartphones for speech recognition and you can also connect augmented reality apps and devices.

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A new programming language has been introduced in the Android O. The Kotlin programming language will support android runtime and Google is paired with JetBrains to help developers use kotlin for developing Android even better.

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