Google to improve search quality with its new ‘offensive’ flag: Checkout what’s new

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The search giant Google has introduced a new offensive flag with over 160 pages of guidelines. This new method of Google will improve the page ranks and also the quality of the search results. From now Google will show the quality content to users who search for various keywords in the Google search engine. Google is planning to initiate new review teams for monitoring and flagging certain content which is offensive or upsetting the users for their respective search queries.

With this new rule of Google, the sites with racial slurs content will get flagged in a new category named ‘upsetting-offensive’. This will eradicate certain websites promoting violence, hate on targeted people or regions. However the real damage comes to sites which are flagged under this new category of Google by lowering its page ranks in the search results.

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The websites with better and quality content will get higher rank and has a chance of getting in better page ranks in the Google search. The sites with inappropriate content will lose its page ranks and will come backwards and better sites will be forwarded. This will help the users to get better answers for their search queries.

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The Google’s review teams will get certain contractors for quality rating and they will rigorously monitor and review certain sites. The websites with many punctuation and grammar mistakes will be flagged as low-quality pages and loses their page rank. This new ‘upsetting-offensive’ is making all the website writers to think once before posting certain content in their websites.

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