Google Chrome new version v56 is safer and faster like never before

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Google chrome is the best search engine ever in the internet world and the users just love it. The way Google chrome responds and helps millions of users in getting right info is pretty awesome. Google always strive to improve the user experience while browsing and now it has updated the chrome version with new v56. This new chrome is said to be a safer and works much faster when compared to the old versions but this won’t work in window versions lesser than windows vista.

The CIO of Google stated that a new simplified reload behavior will be available in the updated chrome version, v56. The browsing will get more faster as it uses the cached resources to improve regular page load time. The older version is getting sloe due to this process and this have been solved in the new updated version of Google chrome. The new chrome version will improve browsing speed by reducing validation requests up to 60%.

This will improve the browsing speed to a great extent and results in saving the power and bandwidth. The new v56 version of chrome will also save power and also data usage. The new v56 of chrome comes with extra security features to protect the users from viruses and hacks. In a statement Google stated that it has fixed almost 51 security issues in the chrome and this is the highest ever bug fixes.

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This new security feature will control the pages which seek information about the user’s accounts and banks and Google will show a pop-up like message that page is not secured for HTTP protocol usage web pages. The new v56 of Google is packed with lot more features than this as it supports the low-energy Bluetooth devices to access the sites. This new Chrome version v56 will be available in a short period across the globe.

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