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Google has released a new update for its Gmail application. Gmail app is used in many android devices to view the mails, send and receive mails from around the world. On the same day when Google announced Android O, the US tech giant also released a new smart reply update to the Gmail app. The app is used in both iOS and also in android devices.

However, in Gmail it is difficult to reply when you receive specific important or urgent mails. Google is trying something similar to other social media apps like Facebook’s messenger, WhastApp and few others. For instance, when you receive a text message in your WhatsApp then you can reply back instantly on the screen itself without waiting for the app to open.

In Gmail app, if you want to reply someone urgently then you have to open the Gmail application in the smartphone and then you have to open the mail, click on reply and text back. This will consume lot of time and data too as you are using the app for much time. But with the latest Gmail update, reply to any urgent mail recipient without opening the Gmail app.

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This way you can save time and it’s easy to reply. You can also send automatic replies suggested and loaed by yourself. You can select three kinds of replies like ‘I’m in meeting’ or ‘mail me later’, or any other quick reply. In case if the mail is not of this kind then you can instantly reply with your own text. This might not be a major update but trust me it’s handy!

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